Angry Santa Quiz Answers 100% Accurate

Angry Santa Quiz
Angry Santa Quiz

We will make sure that your valuable Angry Santa Quiz answers are 100% accurate. Don’t worry, QuizAnswerz provides you 100% accurate answers. Angry Santa Quiz holds a number of questions. This quiz is offered by Quiz Facts. Players use Quizanswerz to complete the quiz and solve them with 100% accurate answers and receive rewards.

Q 1. Santa’s spirit is low these days. Keep him happy by telling us what exactly is this blurry image of?

Angry Santa Quiz


  • Present
  • Trophy
  • Mask
  • House

Correct Answer: Present

Q 2. In which country did this traditional Christmas character originate?

Angry Santa Quiz


  • Hungary
  • Austria
  • Ukraine
  • Germany

Correct Answer: Austria

Q 3. What is Father Christmas known as in the country seen here?

Angry Santa Quiz


  • Babbo Natale
  • Viejito Pascuero
  • Santa-San
  • Père Noël

Correct Answer: Père Noël

Q 4. Math is a bit different at the North Pole. Can you solve this math with Christmas symbols problem?

Angry Santa Quiz


  • -20
  • -34
  • 38
  • 16

Correct Answer: -34

Q 5. Keep Santa happy by watching the video below and then answering the question correctly.


  • A
  • D
  • B
  • C

Correct Answer: C

Q 6. What is typically hidden inside of this traditional Christmas dessert?

Angry Santa Quiz


  • A Marble
  • Hard candy
  • Note from Santa
  • A coin

Correct Answer: A coin

Q 7. Santa is fuming with rage because in Geometry Avenue, all house numbers have been replaced with math problems. Can you calm him down by solving the equation? Type your answer below.

Angry Santa Quiz

Answer: 112

Q 8. Here’s a math problem. Two little reindeers are in a forest. They spot three doves, two foxes, and four bears. How many legs are there in total?

Angry Santa Quiz


  • 32
  • 28
  • 30
  • 38

Correct Answer: 38

Q 9. Keep Santa happy by watching the video below and then answering the question correctly. Type your answer below.

Answer: 3

Q 10. Last chance to keep Santa from getting angry! Which glass will up with first?

Angry Santa Quiz


  • 2
  • 1
  • 5
  • 3

Correct Answer: 5

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Angry Santa Quiz

The Angry Santa Quiz is a famous quiz where you will be asked a number of questions. It is a really tough quiz as you have to attempt it 100% correctly. You select one answer wrong and you are disqualified from all the rewards. Also all your hard work is undone.

The players work really hard to attempt 100% of the quiz correctly, but unfortunately they fail. Don’t worry, QuizAnswers will help you to attempt your quiz with 100% accuracy. Even a single mistake will prove to be a disaster for you but if you use QuizAnswerz to attempt your quiz, you will never be disappointed again.

Final Thoughts

Rewards are received from many different aspects, and some are more effective than others. However, earning rewards by solving quizzes is one of the most effective means and it’s really entertaining as well.

It’s fun, but you can also learn a lot by using your memories and your brain’s tools. You can learn a new language or other skills much more quickly and efficiently than if you rely on your memories alone. It is a great incentive to keep practicing and learning while earning your desired rewards.

You can use it as fun and you are building a strong drive to keep you really progressing, but it also allows you to discover new skills and competences much faster than if you solely relied on your abilities and memory. It’s a great way to continue advancing and keep receiving your rewards.


This is our claim that QuizAnswerz is a 100% authentic site and to meet our claim we research and confirm answers of all the questions from different sources before uploading it here. As you know different Quizzes can update their set of questions. Don’t worry, our site QuizAnswerz keeps an eye on these updates. So we keep on reviewing and updating the question answers almost on a daily basis. If you feel that we need to review any quiz or any particular question then comment below at the end of the quiz or contact us through email.
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